yum-yum shoppe

yum-yum shoppe was a popular art sharing clique created in 2003. unfortunately, the original website isn't well preserved and the code is a little broken. I've pulled the important info and created a new table code to make it easier for new people to join.


original rules

[-] Must have TWO tables in your shoppe, one thats your shoppe and has the items your distributing, and the other is your personal cart, a collection of what you have purchased from others.

[-]Pixels must be 15 pixels by 15 pixels! Thats the fun of this, i'd like to see how creative people can be with tiny pixels.

[-]When you purchase an item from another shoppe, you must link them back in your cart's table.

[-]Set up your shoppe similar to the sample but doesnt have to be exactly. Just make sure it has the necessities.

I removed any rules that are irrelevant as there are no sign ups or monitoring. If you want to read all the original rules [click here]

Q + A from the original website

Q. can we make our own images for the set up?
A. YESSSSSSS! :D i encourage that!

Q. can I use your sample for my shoppe?
A. uhhh, no i dont think thats a good idea. If you cant make your own shoppe, then dont sign up. I made the sample table for you, please use it if you'd like. :3

Q. what kind of pixels do we make for the shoppes?
A. well, there are endless possibilities. make, emoticons, fav food, animals, sweets, imaginary things... whatever! just make sure its 15x15 in size! and its TRANSPARENT.



here's a simple table for you to customize when setting up your own yum-yum shoppe! simply, paste the html in the body of you website and the css in the header of the page (or stylesheet).



my yum-yum shoppe

welcome to my yum-yum shoppe! Please purchase something from me today. If you do, you must link back my site in your cart next to the item you purchased from me. Thank you for shopping, come again!
my shoppe
[x] description
boba tea
happy meal
strawberry donut
carmel jar cake
teal crystal shard
rainbow crystal shard
crystal ball
pink topaz
tiny palace doll

my cart
[x] description purchased
tempura shrimp cinni
melon soda cinni
tokage cinni
popple shell
bearylicious stef
toy-ducky stef
pocky lani
bunny milk lani
kermit lani
julius lani
monkey zana
candy pill phoebe
tissues gabby
mamegoma artwork
ramen lovetiny
strawberry soy milk kei
calico planter vampire valentine
to join the yum-yum shoppe fun
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