yum-yum shoppe

Yum-yum shoppe was a popular art sharing clique created in 2003 that has recently been revived. The expectations used to be relatively strict back in the day in terms of updating and maintaining, but now it's more relaxed. If you'd like to join, there is no need to sign up anywhere. All you need to do is create two tables like I have below, a "shop" to keep your creations and a "cart" to link the artwork that you have "purchased" from another creator. [click here] for some codes to help you get started on making your own shop.

Welcome to my yum-yum shoppe! Please purchase something from me today. If you do, you must link back my site in your cart next to the item you purchased from me. Thank you for shopping, come again!
my shoppe
[x] description
boba tea
happy meal
chocolate donut
carmel jar cake
teal crystal shard
rainbow crystal shard
crystal ball
pink topaz
tiny palace doll

my cart
[x] description purchased
tempura shrimp Cinni
melon soda Cinni
tokage Cinni
popple Shell
bearylicious Stef
toy-ducky Stef
pocky Lani
bunny milk Lani
kermit Lani
julius Lani
monkey Zana
candy pill Phoebe
tissues Gabby
mamegoma Artwork
ramen LoveTiny
strawberry soy milk Kei
calico planter Vampire Valentine
To join the Yum-Yum Shoppe fun
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