who is she?

feen is my oc self-insert 'sona (donut steel). she's a fennec fox and her bff is pomelo's 'sona, poom.


rasberry green tea
iced out sidekick3


  • twizzlers
  • sparklies
  • fuzzy things
  • hot peppers
  • aim


  • the gym
  • waking up early
  • twitter
  • reddit
feen pixels
bases by vampirevalentine

click the image to visit whomever created it.lets be real, most of them are from pomelo

Feen pics

ullufeen and jhuello from pomelo.

meet us at the mall, its goin down. from pomelo.

bossmanfeen about to play some dice-a-roo from pomelo.

fuzzy sweater feen from flonne.

poom and feen hanging out from pomelo.

cute feen from strawberryreverie.

poomfeen commish from slusheemawmaw.

poomfeen commish from maimedwolf.

poomfeen commish from torapuff.

poomfeen commish from torapuff.

poomfeen commish from glowsu.

poomfeen commish from nonkiru.

poom and feen textin' from pomelo.

boba tea with poom and iris. by me